M e s i B o v
images/neon_yellow_off1x1.gif images/neon_yellow_off1x2.gif images/neon_yellow_off1x3.gif I wanted to make some CD's and publish them myself myself when it became possible to do so. I didn't realize how long it takes just to print the labels on an ink jet printer. So after making about 30 of them I thought putting them up on the web wasn't such a bad idea.

Here are the last two:

I Got You Covered

It's a Jungle Out There


images/neon_yellow_off2x1.gif images/neon_yellow_off2x2.gif images/neon_yellow_off2x3.gif  
images/neon_yellow_off3x1.gif images/neon_yellow_off3x2.gif images/neon_yellow_off3x3.gif  
images/neon_yellow_off4x1.gif images/neon_yellow_off4x2.gif images/neon_yellow_off4x3.gif  
images/neon_yellow_off5x1.gif images/neon_yellow_off5x2.gif images/neon_yellow_off5x3.gif